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Sony A7/A9 and Nikon F mount lenses
Since I've been looking to buy my first digital camera and I have a good number of Nikon F mount lenses to use I have a question regarding the use of Nikon lenses on the Sony A7 and A9 cameras.
I have lenses that are AI, AF-D and AF-S lenses. Is there any adapter that would allow for AF on the AF-D and or AF-S lenses? For manual focusing the Nikon would have the lens always at maximum aperture and automatically stops it down to the set aperture during the actual exposure. With an adapter would the Sony do that or I have to stop the lens down before taking the picture or can I leave the lens at set aperture all the time including while focusing? With the G lens how can I control the aperture? What kind of exposure mode is possible with an adapter? M, A, S, P? My local store doesn't have any adapter that I can try.
Thanks for any information you can give. I know I can ask Mr. Google but may be it's faster asking here?
PS: I am content to get a Nikon digital SLR but I have suggestions to consider the Sony.
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Baseball Player

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Convento 2,
Pecos National Monument, NM

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The new Tamron 100-400mm f4.5-6.3
I just got the new Tamron 100-400mm lens and took it for a test run yesterday after doing AF fine tune adjustments using the TAP-in console and it's software.
The lens is very light, and easy to walk around with (39.3ozs. with out the collar). It is very sharp throughout the entire range. The AF works well. The Vibration control works very well even though you don't notice it in the view finder when its working. I also set the VC up to be more noticeable in the view finder using the Tap-in console . It helped some what, but it is only slightly more noticeable in the view finder. It is much different then the Tamron 150-600mm's VC that locks solid when you hit the sutter button(too much). This feels more like the Nikon VR. Also the tripod color is sold separately ($100). The lens sells for $800. It seems to be a great len at this point.
Here are some examples from my first day using it with my Nikon D7200.
Alligator @ 1-800sec - f7.1 - ISO 320 - 400mm (very slightly cropped)

Egret @ 1-1000sec - f6.3 - ISO 220 - 180mm (not cropped)

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Misty Sunset in B&W
Yesterday afternoon I went to the beach on Oahu's North Shore to test out my new Tamron 16-300mm lens on my D7000. The surf was high, 25 foot faces, which creates mist over the water near the shore. As the sun was going down there was a glow in that mist. I liked the original version full of yellows and oranges, but I tried it in B&W and it just worked better.

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very unusual
..very unusual for Louisiana

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Oly 12-100 f4 PRO too much for a travel lens?
I am debating between the Oly 12-100 f4 and a 14-150 for a tour of Hawaii. I just wonder if it is too heavy and bulky. My original plan was to take the EM-5 II, with a 12-40 f2.8, 25 f1.8 and a 14-150. With the 12-100, I would leave all behind except the 25. I traveled to U.K. in 2103 with just a Canon 70D and a 18-135, and was pretty satisfied with the outcome. Camera did get heavy at times. And, no my budget won’t allow a system switch. It will be m 4/3. All considering the Panasonic 14-140.


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Two Photos Taken At The Exact Same Moment In Time
I'm sure there are plenty of photos taken at sporting events and other places that look like they were taken at the same time. Here are two photos (the first two) taken at a waterfall that were taken at the same moment. The water is changing constantly and yet these two photos have caught the drops, the spray and everything else in the same spot. I thought it would be interesting to show these here. The credit goes to Charlene and John, two photographers who were on the same tour to Brooks Falls, Alaska as I was.
The third photo is mine and I think I'm a fraction of a second ahead of them ... oh well.

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Help! I've Been Framed

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I made it..then I broke it !!...
I'm such a clumsy raccoon!!!

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