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My cars
The white one Silver Shadow RR is a 68 and the other is a RR spirit 96 and the yellow one is a 89 Lamborghini Countach Lp 5000

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Sony XQD G Series
Just bought a new camera and they sold me the Sony XQD G Series card very fast they said, however they forgot to mention that they and none Of the stores ive looked at, brick and morter, and online have the card reader. And no one seems to know when they will be available. Are these cards that new that no one has thought to create a reader for every card sold, as I imaginge everyone would like to see whats on their card. just venting and pissed because I can not view my photos taken with my new camera to see what they look like and how they compare to what I used to shoot and view.
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external hard drive
Hello, I think I saw listed on here the other day the name of a hard drive that was a stand alone...meaning no computer necessary to download to. Does anyone recall the name of this machine? Thank you K
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Unrequited love
Our dove, "Cupcake", wooing a brass owl. He does this regularly, but not much luck!

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Golden Hr
Jekyll Island

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More From My First Car Show - Part 5
I'm still driving down memory lane and I hope you are enjoying the ride!!!

Taken at Flowerfields in St. James, LI....
Canon 70D 10-18 mm lens

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Cute pair of otters
This couple paused for a moment from their hunting activity for a family portrait. The female is the one on the right with the chewed up nose.

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50 mm Conundrum
My Nikkor 70-200 f/2.8 VR II auto-focuses like ‘zip’, and usually exactly where I want focus. On the other hand, the 50mm f/1.4 G I’ve had for years is more like ‘uh-zip’. It’s been the one frustrating aspect of the lens. Other than that, it yields great images. Reading reviews online indicates that I’m not the only one who feels this way.

So, I’ve been searching for alternatives, and there doesn’t appear to be one. Even the thousand-dollar Sigma ART lens has a few negative reviews.

Have any of you dealt with this? If so, where’d you land? Thanks.
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Otter just splashin' around
This little sea otter appears to be having a fine time playing in Monterey Bay

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LR gravitating to ON1
For a long time I used LR6, ELEMENTS12, and within ELEMENTS12, some Topaz plugins (mainly Re-Mask). A while back I installed and played around with ON1 but continued to do almost all of my PP as mentioned. Over time and sort of in the "just playing around" mode I used ON1 but not for images I really cared about. I worked my way up the learning curve for ON1 and it began to find its way in, along side of LR6 for my serious editing.
I'm not sure how I chose one or the other, it was just which one I felt like using at the time of editing. That time has passed; I still use LR6 but I am definitely using ON1 more.
This is a time of major changes at Adobe and an opening has been created for several other PP programs. ON1 has been aggressively (my opinion) trying to increase its share of the market and I think they are succeeding. It looks like they've gotten me. Going forward my tools will be ON1, ELEMENTS12 and some Topaz plugins.
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