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Fall colors at Butler University
I'm blessed to teach Bible here. What a lovely fall day this was!

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Cannon EOS Rebel T6
I just bought this camera on a Black Friday special deal. I also bought an extra battery. Can anybody who has this camera tell me how long a battery will last. Was buying 1 extra battery enough?
Am sure I will have many more questions later :)
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2X converter with 28-300mm vs 150-600mm lens
I am planning a trip to India in January 2018 and am wondering if I should take my 150-600mm Tamron lens (heavier) or invest in a Nikon 1.4X or 2X converter and use with my Nikon 28-300mm lens. I am hoping to some wild life photography. What are your thoughts? Thanks.
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Assuming the money didn't matter, but you wanted to keep it at or below $6500 - what would you pick? ... Nikon D5, or Fuji GFX 50S?
Tough choice, huh? ... Top-of-the-Line FF FX Dig Cam - against an overgrown eye-level MF Mirror-less Dig Cam .... ?

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La Jolla, CA coastline
It's always fun exploring new areas. I spotted this one on Google Maps and even though it was very crowded, there were still interesting subjects to photograph. Please download these for best detail.










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Bronx sunrise
Taken with iso 200, f2.8 at 1/320 handheld. Slightly Cropped from original, no other post production

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So, then - for Birds & Wildlife, it's either the 100-400, or the 150-600, is it? ... Or, do you have a better Zoom Option?
And, if it's one of these, do you pick the Canon over the Sigma (100-400) or the Sigma over the Tamron (150-600) ....
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Nikon's Black Friday Deal
Nikon D750 with f/4 24-120 lens for approximately $1,900.

I've been considering purchasing the Sony FE 24-110 f/4 lens for my a7ii for $1,500 but am tempted by Nikon's big discount. Any thoughts?
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Row for the gold
Charles River...Harvard University area...Cambridge, Massachusetts

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Chatham, Massachusetts

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