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FF equivalent of this setup
So I asked this question on another post and it got railroaded by someone. So, I thought I’d make my own thread so I can control it better.

To set the record straight, I am simply just curious if there is a FF that is similar that meets these requirements. I am not trying to lead/bait anyone into a mine is better than theirs or FF vs crop or advantages/disadvantages discussions(despite what some may think). As for cost keep it under $8000.

Brand aside, what is the best FF body and lenses that would give me an equivalent to what I currently own:
EM1ii (crop is 2x) 20mpx
150mm f2 (300mm equiv.) plus 2x extender (600mm equiv.)
75mm f1.8 (150mm equiv.)
12-40mm f2.8 (24-80mm equiv.)
7-14mm f2.8 (14-28mm equiv.)

If the extreme focal length ranges are an issue, what would be the best compromise? For example a higher res body to be able to crop to get the extra length, but still meet 20 mpx file sizes.

Thanks in advance.
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Yellow cardinals
I saved these pictures from a Facebook post. The first is of a yellow cardinal taken recently in Alabaster, Alabama and posted originally in Wild Birds Unlimited (Birmingham, Alabama) and the second was from a reply that said the picture was taken in Meridian, Mississippi. I have never seen one myself (and was not aware there was such a creature).

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Maui Seascapes
In January. With Nikon 16 - 80mm or 70-300mm on D500 or D7100.

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For those who like B&W!

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A Solitary Fallen Leaf

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48 Hours ago
Snowing very hard 48 hours ago... As I type this most of the snow is gone... 55 degrees F. and rain.
It was coming down pretty hard when I went out to take these. Yep I was sitting my truck taking these.

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Hoar Frost at the Lake
I saw the tree's covered in frost and then spotted something strange.
A long strand of hoar frost hanging from a tree at the shore line.
Hoar frost Lake Pueblo, Co

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3-D Puzzle
Wife and I just finished our first 3D puzzle. Since we like NYC that is the puzzle we chose.
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I did it again.
I just put yet another camera on lay-a-way.

This will be my third in less than a year. Granted they are used and from the pawn shop, but still...

Help?! LOL (not really, but it sounds good.)
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A few BIFs _ Second trial
Two days ago I used Nikon D4S and Nikkor 800mm to take some BIF photos. Yesterday, I tried with Nikon D4S and Nikkor 200-400mm lens. Here are some examples. Next time, I will try Nikon D500 with Nikkor 200-400mm. Thanks for viewing!

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