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On the precipice
Here is an image of the night sky over a bit of light pollution from lassen park.

The next image is of a quarter moon setting over Lake Helen inLassen park.

Thank you for looking I always appreciate your comments and feedback.

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Tamron 28-75mm F2.8 Di III RXD firmware update
Anyone heard the status of the firmware update for the AF problems? If it's reliable, this lens fulfills my last f.l. need at an acceptable price.
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City Market District
Savanna, Georgia

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Camera Backpack
Looking to acquire a new backpack for my two cameras and 4 lenses. Cost, size, and comfort are certainly factors with me.
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Thumbnails not displaying.
Does anyone know what is going on with the failure to display thumbnails here at UHH?
I'm seeing this more and more on others post and it has happened to me a few times.
I was able to fix it by removing the photo and re-importing it.
When the failure occurs I see a message under the small image where you can write captions that says "non-image attached" or something to that effect.
Any thoughts?
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What kind of spider is this
I see spiders in my house every now and then: jumpers and sometimes a baby tarantula but I've never seen this one. I did a little research and got a bunch of wrong answers; one even said it was a wolf spider, no not hardly. So what is it?

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Simple Pigeon
During an automotive photo shoot I was adopted by a friendly pigeon. My reason for posting is that the coloring is so impressive and sometimes common birds are overlooked... Halden, Norway

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A theoretical question
I am eagerly awaiting the appearance of what may be called the Canon 90D.
A burning question.
If it has a new, denser sensor,
If it can capture 4k,
If it comes with a newer processor,
Will it necessitate the removal of the anti-aliasing screen for higher acuity when used in 4k?

Inquiring minds want to know.
(OK, maybe only I want to know).
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Barn Owl nesting activity in England
The first photo shows the Barn Owl female swallowing a rodent whole. The male owl is in the foreground.The second photo shows a stack of rodents to the left of the adult female Barn Owl.

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Saturday morning walk - the other things
This continues this morning's saga with other things (and a flower or two). Again, your tips, pointers, etc. are appreciated.

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