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Very Cute Hyena Pup - Sth Africa
We came across an enormous abandoned termite mound approximately the size of a small house. Apparently, over many years, the Hyenas had created a labyrinth of inter-connected tunnels and chambers within the mound. There were several lying around soaking up the sun when I was lucky to see this little one at ease snoozing in the warm winter sunlight.


Nikon D500 camera
Nikkor 500mmf/4E FL ED VR Lens
Nikon SB-900 Speedlight (fill flash)
Manfrotto monopod

f/5 @1/500s ISO 1,000

Processed: Nikon NX-D & PSE 14

5 Jun 2017


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Lesser Goldfinch Waiting For a Turn at the Feeder
This little guy was just hanging around on the wire waiting for a chance at one of the bird feeders. There was a mob and they were all bigger.

I was sitting in a lawn chair about 15 feet away.
80D, 100-400L mk2 @ 371, 1/250 @ f/11, ISO 400 Cloudy bright with a bit of warm afternoon light coming under the clouds and on camera fill flash - hand held

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Remembering the Fallen
Happy Memorial Day from Guam. These pictures are just one of the many things that make Guam a unique place. Every year for Memorial Day, they place American and Guam flags at Asan Beach Park, one of the beaches US troops landed on first to liberate Guam from the Japanese. Each American flag represents an American serviceman who died during the invasion and then liberation of Guam. Each Guam flag represents a Chamorro person who died during the invasion, occupation, and liberation. I had the honor of helping place the flags, and I have to admit it's quite a stirring reminder when you drive past and see all the flags waving in the breeze. In a way, I like this better than a big memorial or monument. It's simple but poignant. The people of Guam are definitely in touch with the past and have developed a distinct way to remember those who fell in the defense and liberation of Guam.
Early morning, after the volunteers finished placing the flags. (Phone)

I came Back in the evening with my Nikon D3400 to see if I could get better shots than with my phone. (Nikon)

There is a small ridge just south of the beach that gave me a good vantage point for sunset. (Nikon)

I needed a good view, because there is also a light for every flag. The pictures don't do it justice. (Phone)

Again, the picture cannot really capture the feeling here. I'm not that good of a photographer. Standing in the middle of these flags at night, each with their own light. It's truly a fitting memorial. (Nikon)

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Out in the Yard
From last week. Sorry for the sharpness but I was shooting handheld and my benign hand tremors were getting the best of me. Sony RX10III

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Nikon Body Touch Up Paint
I am wondering if anyone knows of a good way to touch up minor scratches on the black Nikon bodies? They are meaningless, but they bother me.
Thank you
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Are you done yet???
Ummm, you're really pushing that "mans best friend" thing!!!

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picture style editor canon
Am I correct when I assume that Picture Style Editor for canon deals only with raw files not Jpeg?
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More around Phuket.
#1 This little guy had no arms or legs, but was quite a bright little bloke. Been like that since birth for 48 years.
I couldn't help but like him. My only help was to give him money, & the time of day for a chat. To shake his hand/stump he'd put his cheek against it in a cuddle. I could have been a friend for life. 2000 baht was quite a nights takings for him.
#2 Was hanging around the front of an Italian restaurant. Couldn't get much conversation out of him but didn't mind me getting a selfie with him.
#3,4&5 This tree had flowers sprouting from the trunk. Never seen them before, & that was the only one I saw.
I'd love to ID them. Any clues???
#6,7. BIG BUDha, has been under construction for years. On the highest hill to the south of the Island & overlooking Chalong bay.
#8 A view of Chalong bay from big Buddha.

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Patong beach hotel #2
Sorry, hit the send button accidentally. Tablet touch screens*#*#€.
Couple more of pool.

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Maid In The Shade
This visited our local airport in 2016.

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