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Birds and More Birds
Had a nice trip to the marsh today. Lots of birds to see.

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Lightroom catalog : moving between windows and Mac
Question about moving my Lightroom catalog
I use a HP Windows 10 desktop machine for post processing my images. Am using LR Classic.
Now am going across Europe on a month’s holiday and my daughter has offered to lend me her spare MacBook laptop to carry along to download and post process the many photos I will shoot whilst on holidays.

My question: can I copy my catalog from the windows machine to the Mac and process images and then on my return copy the catalog back from the Mac to the windows machine? My LR catalog references to over 70,000 images and I want to be safe, hence the above question to the forum.

Has anyone tried this and had success?
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Somwhere On Route 16
Between Gorham And Glen, New Hampshire (I Think)

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2 Jays
SB800 w/extender.

Just put out peanuts and they come. Works every time.

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My Bird Of The Day # 10 (American Goldfinch)
Day # 10 - Date : Monday, October 23, 2017

One of my regulars that is with us all year. Especially grandeur in the spring when the male American Goldfinch is at its best breeding colors. At this time of the year they are quite drab and getting drabbier by the day. Easy to distinguish the male and female in the spring, but now very difficult. I usually have 20 to 30 of them flitting from one feeding station to another during the day. Along with the Siskins and Redpolls (when the get here later on) they decimate my niger seed supply. When in the winter I may have 100 to 200 of these three birds it becomes a wee bit expensive to feed them. Right now niger seed is selling for $105 for 22.5 (50lb) at the Tractor Supply Store and I go through at least 3 bags in a good winter. I keep telling my daughter that the birds are eating her inheritance ;-)))

LittleRed (Ron)
Canon T6i, Canon 300mm prime, 1/1000, f5, auto ISO @ 100, dist 15'

Canon T61, Canon 300mm prime, 1/1000, f4, auto ISO @ 100, dist 12'

Canon T6i, Canon 300mm prime, 1/1000, f4, auto ISO @ 125, dist 15'

Canon T6i, Canon 300mm prime, 1/1000, f4, auto ISO @ 160, dist 12 '

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My First Use of Lightroom CC
Now that Adobe is offering Lightroom CC as well as Lightroom CC Classic, I thought I'd try out the new (to me) version. I have to say, I find it easy to use and the results are quite nice. I shot these three photos last evening while walking around, and did some post with the new Lightroom CC. It took very little time, and I think it actually reduced resource overhead. It took me only minutes to add some sparkle/pop. I like the results!
Fort Point at Dusk

Evelyn Moakley Bridge Vista

Fort Point Channel at Dusk

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why dog owners shouldn't go "one toke over the line"(sweet Jesus)...
Happy Halloween....

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Lighthouses of Eastern Long Island Sound
On a beautiful October day, a boat tour of lighthouses on and off the Connecticut and Long Island shores. Here are a few samples, shot with Olympus OMD EM-10, Tamron 14-150mm lens. Several lights are now privately owned, but maintained by USCG. Plum Island, for many years the site of the US Dept. of Agriculture's R&D laboratory studying Hoof & Mouth Disease, is being abandoned by the US government. The states of NY and CT are battling to preserve the island as a wildlife sanctuary and to keep the real estate developers away.

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Two Cardinals ...
... from today.

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Creepy farmland photo just in time for Halloween!
I was driving in the Celery Fields in Sarasota, FL looking for Spoonbills. I got cattle. This photo amused me because it seems so creepy. The Spanish Moss
makes the creepiness.

Sony RX10

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