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Nikon OK button to enlarge 100%
Need help!
A few months ago some kind Nikon Wizzard told how to set up the camera (7200/7000) so that pushing the OK button in the center, enlarged the image 100% to check for clarity. Used it all the time until I had to reset to the factory settings at an outdoor, very cold track meet. Now I can’t recall the sequence to reinstall.
Appreciate any and all help.

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Unexpected Guest.
Jack Sparrow AKA Johnny Depp sails into Albert Dock today.

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Northern California Coast pano
Shot as a 3-frame vertical pano. 35mm PC Nikkor on a Canon ASP-C.

This beach is down the coast highway, a little south of Half Moon Bay, in the SF Bay area.

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The Bee in the Bloom and the Fly in the Spotlight
Experimenting with macro again.

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Canon, Nikon & other camera models
Being new to digital photography I find the various camera models very confusing. Is there a site or spread sheet which lists the various camera models by number such as D850 or T5i that has a meaningful comparison of what they are and what their features are? Full frame vs APS-C, etc, etc. There seem to be so many model numbers which change so frequently it’s hard to get a grip on what their capabilities and features are. I’m sure a complete listing by price would give me an idea but, that may not be very effective. Help!
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Low altitude fly by
GBH just after lift off

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Evolution of Photography
Definitely worth rerunning (I think I found this here some months ago).

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Flash Fill on my Canon T5i
I have read the manual for my Canon T5i and can not seem to find how to use on camera flash for fill when the camera computer does not call for it. Often I would like to use the on camera flash manually for fill even though it would otherwise not be necessary. Bright sunny day but, subject is in a shadow. Any suggestions?
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Aachen Germany
Here are a few pictures from Aachen, Germany

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Bryce Canyon - I
Rented a Sony a7RII and Sony FE 2.8 24-70 GM Lens and went to Bryce Canyon. Liked it so much I bought an a7RIII (GAS) and the same lens. Posted are the first pictures from that trip. Appreciate constructive criticism and suggestions (particularly on the sunset and sunrise)
Red Canyon just outside Bryce Canyon

Golden hour at Fairview Point

Golden Hour at Fairview Point

View from Yovimpa Point

Sunset at UYovimpa Point

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