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Photography retreats, walks etc
Is there a section here where photography related trips are posted? DH and I are planning a 50th anniversary trip to Alaska and it must include photography!
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Dancer resting
the Leader of a dance troupe that is keeping hispanic dance alive in Pittsburgh

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Rom, Far Field Remoulade, the King
This is my big male of the two Borzoi I have that I shot a couple days ago while he was moving in the back yard focusing on the possibility of seeing or smelling where a squirrel had been digging up buried nuts inside the 6' fenced back yard. He is very full coated and tall at 32.5" at the withers and 88" long from tail tip to nose, incredibly athletic and very smart and loving...unless, of course, you are a squirrel, rabbit or a wolf! Then you are in deep stuff and considered a food group! Shot with Nikon D4 and a dx nikon zoom to 300 mm lens which has a lot of unused sensor around it but gives an interesting effect. His eyes and his fur show really well in this shot. He is a special guy here often referred to as The King, The Big Guy, The Train......and we all love him, fur and all.

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More from my local zoo
Canon 1DIV with EF 100-400
C&C always welcome

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Nikon D5300 with polarizer
Sorry for the stupid question, but it seems like when I add the polarizer, the resulting photos are darker. I thought it had thru-the-lens metering, or am I wrong?
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Central Coast NSW
Had a few days in this lovely part of the world
Comments welcome.

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picture control
as an amateur can anyone tell me if vivid mode is alright for landscapes,I only have the lens that came with the camera which is a Nikon d3300,I know I can try all modes and hopefully decide which is the best one, but with different lighting conditions etc it may be difficult to tell.
the reason I ask is that I do not have any post processing software that is much good.
Thanks, OZMON.
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Rhododendron Leaves
Rhododendron leaves are not looking like this in January.
In my travels from New England down to Virginia in the
Spring the rhododendrons were always in bloom before
the ones at home. The second set would appear weeks
later so I would get the benefit of a second Spring season.

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frosty said to meet him here at four o'clock...
but he didn't show up.
i wore my new hat for my date with frosty

i wonder what happened to him...he didn't show up

hi little snow bird. have you seen frosty?

have you seen frosty?

hey weird little snow angel, have you seen frosty?

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Buds Are Popping 2
Comments Welcomed!



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