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Would a newer camera get me anything?
I use a Nikon D200. > 10 years old. Works fine

I am a competent amateur. Shoot for fun. Display photos on an 8 X 10 digital picture frame in my office for folks to look at (MD office)
Any prints I make anymore (rare) are 8X10 or less
No sports
No video
Do some pics of grandchild but mainly I do photo on travels (go to the UK for family), flowers, landscape, architecture, some macro work

Does spending up to $2000.00 (or less) for a new camera get me anything for what I do?

My sense is that this is money not well.

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Bird ID Please
Photographed these birds in Evansville, Indiana December 7'th 2017 and have been unable to identify. There were a group of about 6 or 7 together. They appear to be a little smaller than a house sparrow. Thanks in advance.

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Continuing saga of my pocket Sony RX100iii
A couple of days ago I posted a shot of a snow covered tree taken with this camera. Here is another I just took about one hour after dawn today, with the low sun reflecting off of the fencing.
It is of a new ramp on the East River Esplanade at 81st St. here in NYC. I continue to be impressed with the quality of the lens.

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Photographing Jewelry for Website
I am intermediate level. I have to photograph jewelry bracelets for a website. I have a light box and all the lighting I would ever need. It will be trial and error doing it indoors trying to balance the light, reflections, shadows, etc.
My question: Wouldn't it be easier to just photograph outside on a bright day in the shade?
I would appreciate any input or advice...thanks.
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Computer Screens
What is the best way to clean computer screens? Thanks
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B+W UV Filter
Hello would like to get your opinion on the use of a B+W UV filter. I am new to photography and was just wondering if it was necessary to get one.
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Resting Spoonbills.

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The Road To The Bluebird Of Happiness
Just a quick shoot at my favorite State Park before I shuffle on to Buffalo

Sony RX10 IV

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Hunting woodstork.

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Determined to use my fisheye
The title says it all. These were taken in Portland OR. Thanks for looking.

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