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disappeared photos in lightroom
someone linked a site that had an excellent explanation of how to fix this..
i remember it but didn't need it then, i could use it now.
somehow delinked photos from lightroom so I get question marks and
"photo cannot be found" when i try to find the photo.

anyone help?
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Vero Beach, FL
Gulf Stream begins to part Florida East Coast and flow North-East at Vero Beach latitude.. therefore this point is the borderline between Tropical & Subtropical climates.

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How do I sort through 729 action photos from an event and some Lightroom CC questions.
What is the procedure/system/weedout process you use to sort through large amount of photos from an event? Yes, dump the blur and people walking in front, but how do you get from 729 to a useable 30+ images in a couple of days? Or is it just a time consuming process that comes with the territory?

Questions for Lightroom CC users, I started the 30 day trial of Lightroom CC. I see how they organize photos into albums. But can the album be broken down into chapters ie... Album name "Rio Wrestling Team"; Chapters, each wrestlers name with his match photos. Also, how does Lightroom and Photoshop work together? Don't they both do the same thing? I'll probably learn this as I get farther into the learning videos.
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Riding hot air

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Old wood, rocks and clouds

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A lighthouse
with a bright light !

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Mirror-less Dig Cams, and the evolution from the Rangefinder ... some still see them as the same thing ... what's your take?
It can be said, the Mirror-less dig cam is just a Rangefinder with a fancy viewfinder (the EVF) others see them as just a new take on an old design. What are they?
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Is there a clear way to reduce or eliminate Moire patterns?
There's been a sudden rash of cameras of late, with anti-aliasing filters (aka optical low-pass filters) to help in resolving this problem. One wonders how effective they can be. It seems to me, there are ways to reduce or eliminate this problem w/o these filters. Repositioning helps. Changes in ISO settings may also help. Comments?
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Winter Walk
Crosby Lane..Brewster, Massachusetts

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Easy going down, No good coming up
Coast Guard Beach...Eastham, Massachusetts

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