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Ardea Alba
Busse Woods this afternoon

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Nikon 70-300mm afp on D7200?
I would be interested for opinions of performance of the newest FF Nikon 70-300mm afp lens on the crop sensor Nikon D7200, after upgrading to the newest firmware. I am not interested in the crop dx versions of this lens for several reasons. I prefer the faster F/5.6 at 300mm, the metal mount, the ability to turn off VR, and ability on a FF camera. Has anyone in a pinch used it with a Kenko 1.4 teleconverter? I am most interested in performance at 300mm on the crop body.

As background, I am struggling to put together a very small kit for two weeks in Namibia. The cameras will be a D750 and a D7200. My Tamron 150-600mm G2 is proving too large, I fear (though I like this lens very much). Other lenses available: 24mm 1.8, 85mm 1.8, 28-300mm, 18-140mm, 24-85mm. I will not take all five of these other lenses, only some subset. Others on the trip will have super zooms like a Nikon B700, and 1 inch sensor compacts.

My space will be limited to about a Domke f2 bag.

I have looked at Sony RX 10 IV etc, and they are not for me. For that money, I might look at a 300mm f/4 prime on the crop, 28-300 on the FF. But the zoom, if solid, seems more practical, and less expense.

Observations on Namibia welcome.

For this potential purchase, I am only considering Nikon. If pushed, I have a 300mm f/4.5 from film days--no vr, manual, but looks pretty good--no purchase required. I could easily pack my film kit--sigh . . .
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My Weekend
I started my weekend in the cold north. It was beautiful, but I am tired of winter. As the sun settled over the area, I went a bit south. I wanted to find photo inspiration, and hopefully find color. The photos below show where I started, and what I found when I arrived 2 hours south. There was some time in a park, more time in a zoo, and finally, botanical gardens (yes, I found color.) I hope you enjoy the weekend a bit as I did.
Friday Afternoon

Hanging at the Park

Waking up... at the Zoo..

Cold Stare

Lined Up and Blooming

Fluttering & Feeding

Japanese Gardens

Admiring Horse

More Flowers... the color I craved.

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It's Gosling time!
Went for a walk in our local park by the river, had a very fun day. It was the first day to reach 78 deg. this year...saw so many family groups like this it was an amazing first day of real spring. I loved the texture of these goslings feathers? Fur? or silk? LOL, just made me want to pick them up & stroke them. Of course Mama & papa were right there to make sure that did not happen.

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Today I decided to feed the local dove. This bird is very wary because there are so many cats lurking around. (I counted 5 just watching the feeder). I felt lucky to get a few snaps of this beautiful bird. 10 years would never see these birds in this part of Oregon...I believe the warmer climate has brought them to this area.

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Sharpen Image.
Need help. When I shoot pictures with my Canon SX50. which I edit in Picasa. I am able to use the sharpening tool on my pictures. When I use my Nikon 5300 and use the sharping tool it will not work. Question is why?
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Soft Pastel Sunrise
It was a cold but beautiful morning out at the Wildlife refuge this morning. This was taken just before the sun came up.

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Problem with video from Nikon D7100 - repost
This is a repost, since my first post failed to attach the video referenced. So, here it is again.

I am something of a newbie here (have posted once), but need advice on the quality of video on my Nikon D7100. Attached is a video from a recent gorilla safari, and if you look closely (especially toward the end) you will notice that the background appears to almost be moving (shimmering or something). I have had this same phenomenon on other videos (especially with snow in the background). I have no idea what causes this. I was shooting in "P" mode, Autofocus on F (wide), automatic white balance, and 30 fps (1920 x 1080), with movie quality on High. I am obviously doing something seriously wrong. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.

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Nikon D850 NEF (raw)_
I'm running W-7 Pro, Svc PK 1.

The Windows Explorer Photo viewer will display thumbnails of Nikon's NEF (raw) files but will not open them (expand to full screen) in the Photo Viewer. Upon double clicking the thumbnail it is defaulting to PaintShop.

When using "Open With" and selecting the Windows Photo Viewer it gives me a quick look-see and then goes to the white screen with the message that "Windows Photo Viewer can't open the file because it appears to be either damaged, corrupted or too big". I believe my RAM is maxed out, at least its supposed to be.

Is there anything I can do to make the Photo Viewer usable?
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New Bay Bridge and the Remains of the Old
Nikon d850
Zeiss 135mm, f/5.6
ISO 64

Shot while trespassing on East Bay MUD property (I have been thrown out of nicer places)

Comments and critique welcome

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