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Lost Photo Files
I'm curious to know if others have the same issue I've had with my Mac and Lightroom. Once again when I went into LR to do some work all my photos are gone except for 4 that shouldn't even be there. I've had this happen before and suspect Apple auto upgrades for the problem for some reason. I will be taking all my gear including external backups to a pro to resolve the issue as I haven't found the pics anywhere that is obvious including on my back up.
Strange strange strange.
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Thirsty buck
Saw this guy getting a drink in the creek behind my house this morning.

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Abandoned Homes and Lost Memories of Times Past
Photographed a few weeks ago on our way home from Yellowstone N.P.

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After the roses come the daylilies!
The birds are mostly gone for the summer, the roses had their first bloom, and here come the daylilies (Hemerocallis). Peaking in June, they really brighten up the garden. The name tags are buried in the foliage, so I am not listing them. I have too many to remember them all. Most are not the newest varieties--my garden has no space left for the new ones! Each flower lasts only a day but the plants bloom for several to many weeks.

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Painted Buntings
Laguna Seca Ranch in the Rio Grande Valley, TX.

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Happy Butterfly
The Chicago Botanical Garden has a butterfly in bloom greenhouse. Always looking for a unique position of the butterfly on a flower sucking the nectar. Look at those green eyes and its wing span.

Camera: Nikon D800
Lens: 200 mm Nikon Micro Nikkor f/4
Exposure: Aperture-priority AE, 1/500 sec, f/11, ISO 4000

Thanks for looking!

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Wednesday Morning
Pause before clocking in for the day.

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What are they ?
Just shooting aircraft from the roof of our co-op building in New York City for my new series "Traffic Along the Hudson" (NYC) and shot these two among others.
The jet has 4 engines, not many of these today, blue colors might suggest AirForceOne. Has anyone an idea what AF1 would look like from underneath?
2nd item might be a weather balloon ! ideas?

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Disney Word fireworks from a unusual location
I wanted to be a little differnt than the usual view of the fireworks so I located on the walk between Tomorrow Land Terrace and the entrance to Tomorrow land. I don't think this is a spot most people would think of.

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