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Any custom strap makers out there?
I recently had a Rolleimagic overhauled and I was looking at it last night and realized that the strap on the case is ready to kick the bucket. Is anyone aware of a craftsman out there that might take the hardware from the original strap/case and incorporate it into a new strap that isn't going to drop the camera on the ground?


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Is DropBox one practical method to backup pictures...?
I’ve been trying to find an answer to this...with little success...hopefully you all can help me.

My wife and I are going on a photo wildlife safari in mid June. My big concern is having multiple methods of making sure our images are saved for us upon our return from Kenya and Tanzania be it via external hard drives, a small 10” laptop, a Compact Flash for each day or DropBox... I do have a DropBox account...but I’m not sure it’s accessible wherever you find an Internet connection throughout the world other than China or not and would it take forever to upload 300-400 RAW files daily? If you’ve visited a third world country how did you make sure you came home with pictures? Any and all suggestions are welcome.
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Up Close and Personal
Got the itch to photograph something so I took an up close photo of a tiny Blackthorn blossom with a stack of seven shots. Used a Loawa 60mm f2.8 Super 2:1 Macro on a Nikon D810. Again, not the beautiful photo of flowers that so many others have posted recently, however one must do with what is available at the time. Thanks for viewing and comment as you wish.
Tiny Blackthorn Blossom

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Fox Baby
Pics of a momma fox and 1 of her 7 babies.
Fox and babies live under a neighbours backyard shed. Baby seen here in one of the photo' stealing my dog's toy. Practicing for catching squirrels I would guess.
We used to have 8 bunnies living under our shed....have not seen them in a while...coincidence? I think not...

Photos are blurry (my son just grapped a camera from the study and snapped the photos while I was at work....doesnt know my camera settings and left
it on manual....not much chance he would have noticed BBF with an off-ctr continuous AF focus point :-)

I will hopefully get a chance to get some "good pics" of the momma and baby(s) this coming weekend before the babies get their red fur.

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Around the bend...
Just liked this!

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Winter birds from my bedroom window
There is a dogwood tree next to my window where the local birds like to hang out while waiting their turn at the feeder.

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Flamingos Albuquerque Zoo
A nice day at the zoo

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Lightroom 6 ----who out there likes it, for a beginner to post editing?
I'm new to post editing of photos. Looking at LR 6 as a one time purchase, i'm a beginner...... Anyone have LR 6 and can comment on it's editing quality? Or editing tools? Please only responses for LR6, thanks Roger.
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Destructive Critters (My very first picture post)
This is my first time posting a picture. I have not edited this photo, and at the time I took this I was so upset at the damage it did to my tomato plant that I wasn't even thinking about my camera settings. I welcome all advice, teasing, and even tomato throwing.
Big Appetite

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Best, Sturdy, lightweight, 4 Section Tripod?
I know this subject has probably been debated ad nauseam before my time here, but here goes.

I leave for a vacation in France and England in June, with expectations to have an opportunity for both night photos in Paris and London, as well as bird
photography. Like most people, I already have two tripods that simply don't do the job, both in stability and overall weight.

Looking for suggestions for the best tripod that fits the bill listed?

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