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North Coast 4

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Doing the Math
The attached image was taken with my Nikon D7100 and Nikon 18-200mm DX VR lens. Focal length for this image is 18mm. To duplicate this shot "exactly", except using a full frame DSLR rather than a cropped sensor DSLR, what should the lens focal length be?

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Canon Upgrade
I am an amateur and have been shooting a T2i for the last few years. My main target is wildlife, with a concentration on birds. I have read myself in circles trying to determine my next purchase. I am somewhat committed to Canon because I already own a 100-400 L IS lens.

My overall goal is better Image Quality. Based on what I have read on UHH and reviews and comparisons on the internet I am looking at the 7D Mk ll, the 80D and the 5D MkIV. I would consider the 5D only if it offers a substantial increase in IQ. I am basically looking for tack sharp images.

I would appreciate opinions based on your knowledge and experiences.

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On my way home
Here are two shots I have taken on my way home, one last night and one tonight. Trying out my new Nikkor 10-20mm.
Bountiful Utah Tabernacle

West of Bountiful looking over the wetlands by the Great Salt Lake

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Another photo of the Blue Heron at the Osprey Pier, Opsrey, FL
This photo is too cute for words. Looks like the bird and the fisherman are color coordinated.

Nikon P900.



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HDR settings needed
Years ago, when I first got my D800,this forum gave me a detailed set of custom settings for HDR that I have used since them. They were stored as settings B and were always just a switch away.
Can anyone give me the custom settings for HDR to,plug into my new D850.
Love this forum and y’all are wonderful! Thanks in advance!
As always, please have a Great Day!
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Photo at Pillnitz looking north toward Dresden, late afternoon. 26 August 2016
We had gone for a drive in the country and ended up in the town of Pillnitz. I wasn't looking for this effect but I like the way this photo turned out. Saxony is one of the most beautiful areas of Germany. Needless to say, I miss it.

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Used FX lenses for a D750
I plan to buy a Nikon D750 before Christmas. I'm looking for a couple of "used" lenses to start with and will purchase new lenses as funds become available. Any suggestions for the best lenses for general photography will be greatly appreciated.
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60D vs 80D
I am thinking about upgrading my Canon 60D to an 80D. I don't want to go to a 7D or a full frame. I primarily use my 60D for travel photography, flowers at the local arboretum, and family pictures.

The 80D (body only) is currently on sale for $999 and I can probably get $150 - 175 for trading in my 60D (body only).

Is the 80D substantially better than the 60D?

What features does the 80D have that make it worth the jump from my 60D?

Is it worth waiting to see what the 90D looks like, months or years from now when it eventually comes out?

Thanks for your thoughts.
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The Boys Are Back In Town!
And boy am I excited to see them.

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