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Focus Experiments with Paper Flower
These three images were all taken with a Nikon D850 using a Sigma 105mm, f/2.8 macro lens. The tint is due to the artificial lighting I was using to achieve more warmth. I tried one in black and white as well to get closer to the actual color of the artificial flower. I'm curious what you all find the most pleasing?
Shallow Depth of Field

Focus Stacking - 50 Images

Focus Stacking - B&W

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House Finch Fledgling feeding and a guard?
I believe the one feeding is either a fledgling/immature male or a very young female - probably a fledgling, sitting like it was exhausted from flying and almost no fear - let me and my camera get 15 feet away. When it flew off the flight seemed a bit "shaky" also.
Meanwhile perched on a wire nearby/over head watching over it was this male. I think it is a parent watching over a fledgling as it learns to fly and find food.

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Good day at Heinz
We had an amazing morning at Heinz Wildlife Preserve yesterday. I carried my monopod, instead of the body pod. I am still working on being more steady, since the 150-600 at full extension is fairly unforgiving. We saw red wings in abundance, lots of swallows (tree and barn), king birds, yellow warblers, herons, mute swans and finally, I got some first-time shots of my all-time-favorite: the waxwing. C&C always welcome. The previews are different than the files. Please enjoy the downloads.

juvie red wing male

Practicing for a role in Swan Lake??

Early Lunch. The carp was huge!

Mating carp

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I am an old timer who had a studio in NYC. I served my apprenticeship with some of the most famous photographers. I shot portraits with Deardoff cameras with Dagor lenses. I would focus on the highlight in the eye. I printed 16X20 size on Canvas. The subject just jumped off the paper. Sharp with a quality we called “Roundness” a term used at that time. The Goerz Dagors were know for this quality. I still use film and visualize every shot before I squeeze that bulb. I find that the Nikons with the menus that keep getting bigger leave much to be desired. Quality is more important then quantity. This is my perspective on the art of photography. I am sure there are those that disagree. So be it.
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Mourning Dove Under a Butterfly Bush
During a heavy feeding frenzy (I had just refilled the feeders and it was late afternoon.) this Mourning Dove found a quiet play with fallen seeds from a feeder overhead. Didn't have the larger Collared Doves to compete against, just sparrows and finches. This spot is under the plant's overhang from terra cotta pot (cloned out part of the pot almost touching the beak). Food, shade, pretty flowers, a breeze and sheltered; what more could you want for a snack break area?

80D, 100-400L mk2 +1.4x III @ 560 mm, 1/250 @ f/11, ISO 400 fill flash off tripod at 50'

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Best lenses for D810
I am new to photography and have recently purchased a Nikon D810. Is the Nikon AF-S DX MIKKOR 16-80mm f/2.8-4E ED a good lenses match?
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Older the men, bigger the toys

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Comments always welcome

four feet away

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Almost like Cheating
I have been using the FB tube from Helicon focus for about a year now. I am enjoying the ease and stressless workflow since I have been stacking in the field with it. This image is from the same collection as the post in the close-up section I posted just prior to this. I feel like I am cheating, because it use to take so long to capture the stacks.

I have 5 different series of shots of this particular set of flowers. Though this isn't in my yard for this sample, it took about 20 minutes to shoot all 5 series with the helicon tube. I grabbed the flowers from the garden and set them in a softbox for the shots illuminated with led work lights. As you can see, the results are more than adequate. Each series took about 15 seconds to shoot 30-40 images. The only reason it wasn't faster is that the buffer on the D810 slowed down and I had to wait for the camera to write to the card.

I hope you are enjoying this series. the other post is in the close-up section.

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Nikon Df
The camera is more than 4 year old but yesterday was the first time I saw someone with one.
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