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Three Female Blackbirds
I took these this morning. This is my best one in flight with my 150-600mm. I was at 600mm. Not an easy feat for me but I am getting better with shooting free-hand. Hope they look ok.

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Photos from the Palisades Interstate Park, NJ just north of the George Washington Bridge
I took some shots today with my Tamron 18-400 and 10-24 wide angle lenses using a Nikon D5300. I was in the Palisades Interstate Park, Ft. Lee, NJ. So far I'm very pleased with these 2 new lenses. I would welcome any critique.


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Nothing normal, playing with macro Infared
Just playing around with my IR modified Nikon D70, with a 105mm Macro lens
Just a little weed flower

An Iris

A couple of flowers

An Iris out of the normal

A grape leaf

A Rhino Beetle


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Photo's Entered in contest
These were entered in past Bloomsburg Fairs Photo Contests. 2 of them won a red ribbon for 2nd place and the last one a yellow for 3rd place.

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she see me.
I saw her in the lower yard and put a 300 mm lens on my camera. Went out the back door and worked my way forward. This was the last shot until she may a dash for the woods. Run Bambi run.

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Blue Morning
Trying to practice some blue hour magic before the sun rise

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Windsurfing slalom in San Francisco Bay
This is my second time posting images on the Hedgehog.
Every second Friday night the San Francis Yacht Club host a slalom race.
These photos are from the race deck with my new Tamron 600mm and a Canon T6s. f 5.6, 1/1000,auto ISO. The wind was 30k and gusting to 38k.
These guys were going downwind and reaching speeds to 30 mph. I hand held the camera but braced against what ever was available. A Disney Cruise Ship disrupted the racing for a bit but that goes with the territory. Any tips or comments are really welcome cause I am really a beginner at this. I would like to attend a Brent Harder Seminar someday.

Race course getting crowded

Oh Oh! Too crowded - Postponement

Diametrical venues - Acatraz the rock and Disneys cruise for kids

Disney's Discovery under the Golden Gate Bridge

Oh great . . . we are back to racing

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Lindo lake bird mix
A few bird shots from a recent visit to Lindo lake.
Snowy Egret in breeding colors and plumage

Juvenile Black Crown Night Heron

Wood Duck

Great Tailed Grackle

Adult Black Crowned Night Heron

I'm not sure but I think this is a Swan Goose

Canada Gosling

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I got put my old Canon EOS XTi and shot a blossom on the pomegranate in our front yard. Then I had to process it in Apple Photos (which I almost never use) because no other app would let me upload it. The result seems okay but not like what I get from other programs..

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Flooding French Broad River
In the right section this time. The platform on the bottom left normally has 8 steps down to the river level for access with kayaks/canoes.... There is some concern that if rain continues, Biltmore Estate may be at risk.

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