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2x teleconverter?
I am strictly a hobbyist and am looking for an affordable way to increase my capabilities. I mostly shoot wildlife, landscape, and macro. I would love to be able to get closer in on the wildlife and any enhancement I can do in macro intrigues me. Not sure what would happen with the wide angle. I shoot with a common 60D and the following lenses: 70-200 Cannon zoom (1:2.8), Tamron 10-24 (1:3.5-4.5) wide angle, Cannon 100 (1:2.8) Macro, and a couple of cheap Cannon kit lenses 75-300 zoom and 18-55 EFS (that I rarely use). I’m told I could use the teleconverter with both my zoom and my macro lens and that it should definitely be a cannon. I’m wondering what I give up here. Is there distortion or loss of clarity? Can someone with experience help me sort through this? Thanks!
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The Moment of Judgement is at Hand
As cross as this judge may look holding onto the cat's throat, no animals were injured during the production (or post-production) of this image.

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Fishing in Comfort
This woman was delighted to have her picture taken.

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Feedback if you please
I'm in the process of trying new things. Let me know if you think this one is working

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Seven Moon shots from last night.
Nikon P900, great camera for moon shots.

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Sweet Scent
Galveston scene with a hint of Topaz

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Lens for Canon 7D
What is a good walk around lens for the Canon 7D?
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Some Bowling Photos
Took these using Matrix Metering and BBF

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Pittsburgh in the distance - B&W
I took this last week from a vantage point just outside of Belleview. The day was dreary and colorless so I converted the image to B&W.

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The Change
An immature white ibis is making the change to all white.

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