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Close up of ice/snow on new tree buds
The transition from winter to spring is changeable. There was ice on tree buds and today there were both ice and snow on the buds. Thanks for viewing!

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Sandhill Cranes
These were taken near Othello Washington, every year they have the Othello Sandhill Crane Festival, this year it is the weekend of March 24. The cranes migrate from California to Alaska and stop over in the area to rest and feed in the corn and wheat fields. The cranes can be four feet tall with a wingspan of up to seven feet seven inches. They are fun to watch as they come in to land and as they jump and dance around.

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Spring must be close in Utah
backyard quick take of robin
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One of my favorite floral images
Taken in our local park conservatory, which houses exotic pants. I don't know what this plant is called, but I really like the interesting flower heads. And this shot is one of my favorites!

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"Think Spring" My East Coast Hedgehogs!
So many nice comments about the spring bouquet image I posted, followed by disheartened comments about the 4th impending snowstorm bearing down on the northeast. Thought I would send you all some more "floral encouragement". I took these images in the fall. Enjoy!
This snow too shall pass ....warmer days are ahead!

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Spring must be close in Utah
Quick take of robin in back yard.
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Next Generation Of Farmers
We start them young.

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Virginia Snow Day
A few shots from the midst of a small storm.

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Train Tracks
Train track with post processing with Paintshop Pro 2018 to give it an old time feel.

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Virginia Beach - Last of the Vacation Posts
Since we were "in the neighborhood", my daughter and I set upon lobbying to go to Virginia Beach to see the ocean. Due to the 40 degree temps and additional driving, my husband adamantly said NO. But after dropping the boyfriend back at base and saying goodbyes for the next seven weeks, my daughter was feeling pretty blue. Looking at her sad little face, my husband immediately acquiesced and we were off on our hour long drive to Virginia Beach. Of course, it was also in the low 40s there, not to mention cloudy and VERY windy .... resulting in a windchill in the 20s, well maybe 30s! Bottom line .... it was COLD! The few other people on the beach had on winter coats and hats! Well we parked and walked down to the waters edge in our flip flops, walked ankle deep into the water (NOT my hubbie) and quickly retreated back to the car. Took half the trip back to the hotel before I could feel my toes again!! My husband and daughter did wait for me, albeit impatiently, to get a few shots of the beach .... very hurried and of out focus shots. Even though they aren't top quality images, I decided to share anyway since I have taken you all on my virtual vacation through my other posts! We spent a total of 2 hours driving there and back .... for 9 minutes tops on the beach! Oh what we do for our children hahaha. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this last installment of my vacation. Thanks for viewing!
In the UNDERWATER tunnel .... freaked me out a bit!

The light at the end of the tunnel ... thank goodness!!

Here's looking at you!

Ugly day at the beach :(

Cold seagulls

The wind was harrassing the birds!

Beautiful beach front properties, despite the weather!

Close to a Naval Base

Awe inspiring in all kinds of weather

Something else not enjoying the day at the beach!

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