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Pano of a Man Made Stream and Ponds - with ducks - honest they are there
Download and enlarge to see them.

There are birds in this one, honest, some ducks (you need magnification-how many can you find? And for a bonus find the Black Phoebe. Hint, they are all in the bottom left quadrant). The Riverwalk Parkway in Riverside California. From the south going north there is a large pond where the water passes into the main flood control channel through a large grilled pipe. Then there is a series of man made rapids, a dam with a footbridge on top, more rapids, a dam with spill ways, the main pond with observation platform on a pier, a major street bridge, smaller pond and a covered footbridge that leads from some office building to a bus stop on the main street along side the man made river and pond series. This is from the footbridge (with the bus stop) looking north to the next foot bridge about 200 hundred yards north - then there is a series of rapids, another street bridge (you can see a little of that bridge), more rapids and ponds and footbridges going north for a total of 9/10 of a mile where the water comes in from the purification ponds at a university. The water is all reclaimed water from the city drains.

It is a 7 shot panorama using 7 frames in portrait mode taken with a Canon 80D and the 100-400L @ 100 mm.

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Zion NP Monochrome
Working with my old, free NIK Silver Effects Pro to make the blacks and whites pop. Too light?

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Egret Portrait
This Great Egret kept moving around to different places and then preening and grooming as if posing. But always in shade. So when I processed to bring up the white feathers I ended up with a lot of noise. At first I was going to forget about this one but when you back off a little I decided I really like it.
This male exhibits the green markings of spring breeding season.

I intend to try printing it on matte and or canvas, I think then the noise will just be totally irrelevant.

80D, 100-400L mk 2 @ 400, 1/500 @ f/6.3, ISO 400 in heavy shade, this one was hand held

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Pictures are not sharp - look like they have noise even in the sky
I am using a D750 and a 28-300 lens and have been getting results which appeared to me to be camera shake, possibly. So, I have been shooting with a shutter speed of 1/1600 second, and f8.

Before I go off the deep end, I thought I would post a couple of pictures in hopes someone might have an idea what is going on - me, camera, what?
These are unedited, so some are crooked... And not a crisp day on the bay.

Thank you in advance..


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Red Dragon, Blue Dragon and a butterfly
I believe the Red on is a Medowhawk the blue one is a Blue Darner and the butterfly is a Clodius Parnassian

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Garden cart
Janet expressed a desire for a garden cart. I went looking for wheels. Found a child's bike at a used items store. Continued to look for wood. Found some pallets. On to the hardware store to buy a steel rod for the axle. Back home to disassemble the pallets and dress the wood. To make a long story short, here is the result.

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Sandia Peak Tram
The Sandia Peak Tram is located at the eastern edge of Albuquerque, NM. During a recent family road trip, we stopped there for our second visit. Weather was great, and we boarded for the upward trip just after 9:00am local time. Posting 8 images. Comments welcome and I hope you enjoy.

#2 Some of the local flora

#3 The 2 tram cars pass each other at about the mid point of the ride.

#4 The air is a bit thin at this altitude.

#5 Some great views from the summit in spite of some haze.

#6 Part of the apparatus that drives the tram cars

#7 On the mountain side opposite the tram is a ski area.

#8 Returning to the starting point.

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Lens for Norway & Scotland
Our family is taking a cruise from South Hampton, UK to Norway and back. We will be making several stops along the Coast of Norway. When we return to South Hampton, we are flying to Edinburgh Scotland and will spend about a week in various parts of Scotland.

I always travel with two camera bodies (Canon 5D Mark IV and Mark III). One will have the Tamron 28-300 lens and the other the Canon 16-35 lens.

Our flight to Scotland limits us to 10kg (22 lbs.) Cabin luggage including overhead and personal items. My 2 cameras with the lens and a laptop almost comes to the 22 lbs.

My question is do I need anything longer than 300mm for photographing in these areas.


Walt B
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Mama and the kids on an adventure
Mama Mallard that is.
This my first trip in a while to the Riverwalk Parkway in Riverside, CA.
I got some nice images and will post more later.
Afternoon warm light and shade in places. I was trying out a new pistol grip ball head on a monopod. I stopped on the way home from the camera store.

80D, 100-400L mk 2 @ 100, 1/200 @ f/8.0, ISO 250

80D, 100-400L mk 2 @ 170, 1/200 @ f/8.0, ISO 160

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Nikon D750
I currently am using the D810 and my wife is using my older backup D300. I would like to upgrade her camera to a newer full frame camera. Should I consider the purchase of D750 currently being offered at a significant reduced price or wait for a possible upgrade to the D750 since this camera is about 4 year old technology. D300 works fine so there is no urgency. Any thoughts.
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