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File formats
I've been shooting for a while but I'm a relative newbie when it comes to post. I always shoot raw on images that are important but jpeg for snapshots. Over the years I would process raw in Photoshop CS2 and save in raw and the snaps would be processed in Irfanview, saved as jpeg. Recently I've been saving and posting on Facebookin png from Irfanview because it seems smoother. Does this sound ok? I've been hearing a lot of other formats on the Hog and wondering if I'm missing out on something better? Are there any benefits of other formats that I'm missing? Storage space is not an issue.
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My big game hunting souvenir.
Dear Donald Junior:

I bet I had just as much fun hunting elephants in Africa as you did. I brought home wonderful souvenirs. I did not have to kill anything to do so....

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Cats.....doing what they do best
The big cats of Africa share many behaviors with their distant domesticated cousins.
Siblings like to rub on each other.

Come running for dinner. This big boy caught scent of an Impala that a leopard had killed over a mile away.

Sleep in a pile.

Cubs playing chase.

Stalking. It doesn't take much grass to hide a leopard.

Nap time with brother after a big meal.

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Upgrading from Nikon D90 to a 750 or 810 which is preferred ?
I would like to upgrade to a new camera and am considering the 750 or 810.
Can I still use the DX lenses from my D90 on the new FX camera?
I shoot portraits and families!
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North Coast
Just got back from the North Coast Geocaching trip. Here are a couple of quick shots I managed to acquire. Those of you who know me know I don't shoot a lot of man-made subjects, but a couple things caught my eye on this trip. Enjoy

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Breached Sandwich Dunes
Breached Sand Dunes
Sandwich Cape Cod

Sandwich Dunes Haiku
by C J Gregory

ceaseless ebb and flow
breached sand dunes impending threat
empty nest sentry

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Lewin's Honeyeater (Australian Bird)
Been a while since I posted, so here goes....

The Lewin's Honeyeater inhabits the eastern coastal region of Australia. It is more common towards the south east where it feeds on flowering native blossoms by sipping nectar from the flowers when the vegetation is in bloom.

Several other honeyeaters look very similar, however the Lewin's can be distinguished from others by the unique crescent shape of the yellow feathers of it's ear patch.

This one was inspecting some Kangaroo Paw flowers.... so named as they somewhat resemble the front paws of the Kangaroo. The nectar of the Kangaroo Paws is a particular favourite of the Lewin's Honeyeater.

Warren Wilson.

Nikon D810 camera
Nikkor 300mmG f/2.8 VR lens
Tripod with gimbal head
f/11 @ 1/800s ISO 1600
Processed - Nikon NX-D & PSE 14

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Budapest panoramic
Had to take this shot from the top of Gellért Hill in Budapest.

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Hi all, new to the group. Have a quick questions for you all. I am shopping for a new laptop and have heard pros and cons of both pc's and mac's for photo editing. I have been using lightroom for my photo editing and wondering if anyone has any strong thoughts either way..... which is easier/better for using lightroom. Thanks in advance.
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Oslo, Viking ship museum
Taken in Oslo this past September .Was struggling to take an image of the ship and a cool shadow . Unfortunately balcony outline is showing and when cropped depth is loss. Also delicate carving could be more in focus. Still decided to post, loved the lines of the viking ship...Nikon 7100, 10.5mm Nikkor fisheye; Nikkor 18-200...

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