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This Old House
Comments Welcomed



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How often should you clean?
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Langstone, Hayling Island - Hampshire, UK
It was a beautiful warm day, after days of rain. This place is about 10 minutes drive from my house....any comments/advise appreciated. Thank you. Grace.

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The old adage
In my younger days when I was in a local photographic club, one of the first advice that I was given was; avoid sunset and sunrise shots because they do not make good photos to talk about.
Now a days I can't resist the beautiful sculpture made by those clouds complimented by the vivid light of the sunset and sunrise time.
Here is a couple of photos I took yesterday, same subject but different in my opinion.
Do you thing that this old idea about sunrise and sunset still holds true?

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A girl, her horse, and her dogs
I took these this morning. My student had just finished her riding lesson and I had her pose with her horse in the barn door. The dogs were posed in the same place, but I sat on the ground to get the shots. The bright, midday light gave me the kind of contrast I wanted as well as good detail I think. The contrast may not be to everyone's liking, but I wanted the images to "pop." Next time I might try getting shots with less intense light just to see the difference and keep the subjects from squinting. A fill flash might help, too. We'll see. Feel free to make suggestions.

I used a Canon 100-400 lens on a 7D.

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The one GAS purchase
What's the one photography purchase (besides a new camera) you've made within the past year (or 2) that you feel the best about?

For me, I'd have to say my best GAS purchase recently was the Canon 135 f2L I bought from a local guy about 6mos ago for $750.

I knew it was a great lens the moment I popped it onto my camera, but I really came to appreciate it at an indoor rodeo last weekend.

The lighting was extremely challenging and I don't think I'd have gotten anywhere near the kind of shots I did with any other lens in my arsenal. That F2 aperture really saved the day and the reach on my 7D2 was just about right (maybe even a tad too much for this venue). Now I can't wait to shoot some other event in the same venue.
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Lava Photos from Helicopter Tour
Trying to post some photos of lava flow from Helicopter.

Lava Flow

Flowing Lava

Lava in Crater from Helicopter

Looking at Lava thru tree in Volcano National Park

My Friends and me, our Pilot and Chopper

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Need Bird ID
Took this shot in parking lot of the Painted Church on the Big Island of Hawaii on Sept. 8th. Need help identifying it.


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September Prairie
First day of Fall...95 degrees

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