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L Plate for Canon Cameras with Battery Grip
I was looking for a L plate for my Canon 60D, 80D and 6D Mark II that could accommodate a battery grip, but couldn't find any. Was wondering if anyone know of such a plate?
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Eagles on Ice
Allen Park, Ottawa, Illinois 01-18-18

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We all know that everyone has a favorite camera manufacturer ie Nikon, Canon, Leica, Sony, Olympus, Hassy, etc. I am going to buy my last camera and I want the camera and glass to be the best - short of buying a Phase One. I've been paid to shoot stills, motion picture film and video for 50 years. Now? I want to shoot for myself, plan out each shot and take all day if neccesary. I'm tired of schleping 50-60 pounds of gear with a crew. Something that tops out about 25 pounds or less would be perfect.

I rented the Fuji GFX 50S and the 120mm Macro prime and was very comfortable. It forced me to slow down and it felt good. Problem? I want to shoot some high-end slider video as well. I need to shoot 4K video and the HD 1080P video that the GFX 50S camera shoots is not sufficient. So my thought was to wait for the next iteration of Fuji's MF camera. Barring a Japanese earthquake, a thermo-nuclear bomb or the Second Coming of Christ (stated with genuine sincerity), the camera should appear somewhere in 2019, yes?

QUESTION: Should I wait for 2019 and get the new camera or load up on glass, buy a used GFX 50S and hope the body can be sold before the new camera comes out? After all, there's no guarantee that Fuji will try to support 4K video in their next MF camera. And for that matter, there's no real assurance that Fuji will develop another generation of MF camera to replace the GFX 50S. Your thoughts?

Thank you in advance for your opinion. - rf
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Remote App
I will post pictures later as I do not have them with me here at work, but I was wondering if any here use a remote app from their phone? If so how does it work? Do you need to be connected at all times to wi fi? I have not set my camera yet for wifi. I use a Canon 6D. I have two tripods in which one has been modified so I can shoot from (guessing as I haven't fully extended yet) 15 to 30 feet up to get other angles of shots. Anyway, remote app users help me out please and thank you.
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Doncaster St Georges Church
I made this photograph using a wooden 4x5 Pinhole camera. The focal length of the camera is fixed at 60mm and the aperture is fixed at f/206

I was attracted to the light rays pouring through the window so I quickly placed a film dark slide in the camera and exposed the film for 9 minutes

Camera: 3x5 Pinhole
Film: FomaPan 100
Exposure Time: 9 Minutes
Developer: Kodak XTOL - developed for 6 minutes @ 20° C

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Blurry subject
I’ve always had an issue when shooting with my telephoto lens. I have a canon 70-300mm when shooting at 300 at something that is lest say a bird pretty high up in the tree it always comes out blurry. I could use some pointers pls. Thx
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From Mother Earth
Comments Welcomed!



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Wild Turkeys shot from family room
These were shot from my living room through the window with a Nikon D3 and Nikon 300mm lens

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Six from last night.
Taken with the Nikon P900.

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Danny on stage

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