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Water and long exposure
Water and long exposure.

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Manual macro extension tubes
My first try

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What is a good app to use on a MAC laptop that I can use to edit my photo’s? Like cropping, adjusting lighting and color....etc.
I am new here. Hello! I am also new to using a MAC laptop. Definitely different then windows! So I used to have adobe photo shop where I could crop and make pictures lighter or darker or adjust the color, etc.
Now that I have a MAC I was wondering if anyone has suggestions on some apps that are just as good as adobe?
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Manual macro extension tubes
Testing the exposure ISO and shutter speed and focus manually...reminds older photographers of film days...still challenging and fun,but much cheaper..
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We have been invaded....
...and she is so sweet! Summer is ten weeks old and has completely dominated the household! She is a pistol! She is so fair that she is difficult to photograph in sunlight. 17 pounds of love!

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Morning Dove
Floyd Lamb Park Las Vegas

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Foggy Golden Gate Bridge
Took this image of the Golden Gate Bridge last weekend
Golden Gate Bridge 2

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Pile of four wet Peregrine Falcon chicks
Update on the Peregrine chicks from the cam feed in Topeka, KS. This morning was rainy. Photo taken from computer screen with a Canon G15. Strictly an interesting documentary photo. All the chicks appear to be healthy.

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Effective zoom/magnification
Hello all! Although I joined this forum a few months ago, this is my first post. I am excited to be here; the knowledge and experience represented here are vast. About me: I made the leap from point-and-shoot (SX50) to DSLR (t6i) about 2 years ago and have taken thousands of photos with the kit lens (Canon EFS 18-55 IS). I also purchased a Canon EFS 55-250 IS, and continued to shoot everything I saw. I learn everyday yet how much I still have to learn and this forum is a great resource for me. Thank you!

My Q: I have read favorable reviews of the Tamron 18-400 Di II VC HLD, so I recently bought a gently used one. I am confused by the effective zoom presented by this lens. Below are hand held shots taken of the same subject at the same distance; one with the Canon 55-250 @ 250mm, and the other with the Tamron 18-400 @ 400mm. Why am I not seeing the proportional zoom increase (400mm/250mm) in the photo taken with the Tamron?
Tamron 18-400

Canon 55-250

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