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Moon Shot with Canon SL2 w/ EFS 55-250mm
I shot this timed exposure at F4.5, ISO 100, for 13 seconds (approximately), and I did the post processing in Luminar 2018 (cropped) and slight adjustment. This is the first timed exposre I have done and thought perhaps you could give me some feedback..

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What lens would you have used for this Macro Shot
On location in Hawaii .., Macro shot ,, ok , get out the primes .. 85mm... no wait .. 105mm .. 1.4...1.8... oh wait ..,lets just pull,out the 200-500 5.6 Nikon .. stick it up the buttt of a new D850 ... and give me something I can write home about ...OK .., I did ..and not by using the œsweet spot of the lens .. , blasted full,out at 500mm ..distance 10ft ..

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Marquette, MI. at night
On the corner of W. Washington Street, and So. Front Street, I took this exposure on a windy October night in 2014. You can see the left stop light has movement blur from the wind.

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National,Geographic shoot .. Hawaiian Gecko on location ..
Took the D850 out for its first trial run on Sunday at a single Bird of Paradise at the Bunch Bowl of the Pacific on Sunday ...two hours at one plant and waaalaaa..

The data will surprise you .. a lot of you .. a D850 paired to a 200-500 5.6 Nikon ... no .. but what about the 105.. 1.4..1.8 ..or the 85mm ..or the 24-70 ..or the 14-24 ..yes I have them all.., but ...,what about a prime macro ... and what about 500mm .. didn’t use the sweet spot of that 200-500 lens .., say 320mm 410mm ..or ..

And a lot of you getting the new D850 and are wondering about a cheap 200-500 / 5.6 ...why .., it’s not considered a prime ...well.., well..., ya .. well what ..

You still want a Sigma.., go,ahead ...

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Playing Cousins
My two granddogies, had a blast shooting them. Shot with Canon EOS 70D. 18-135mm lens
This is Flower

This is Falcor

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Night Speedlight imagery of Railroad locomotives sporting a Patriotic Symbol
Took this shot of the Chesapeake & Indiana RR's SD9m's sleeping in the cold March night near Wellsboro, IN. March 04, 2018 minor edits in Affinity Photo.

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Rock Band Pics
A few weeks back y’all were very helpful in advising me on what new lens to get. I was looking for a faster lens to take pics of my son’s band among other things. I ultimately bought the Tamron 24-70 f2.8 and I love it. I thought I would share some pics from the first gig I used the new lens. I obviously did some post-processing on these playing around with a variety of things. Hope you like them but all comments and critiques are greatly accepted.

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lavender ice plant at the Marina in Crescent City, CA.
the north west Pacific was pretty and blue and in its full glory. nice to feel the sun on our backs for a change. Perhaps warmer days are ahead. enjoy the picture

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Night Shot of The Frederic C. Hamilton Building in B&W
The Frederic C. Hamilton Building, better know as the Denver Art Museum extension, is a unique geometric structure designed by Daniel Libeskind. The building is clad with 9,000 titanium panels that cover the building's surface and reflect the Colorado landscape. The building is situated near the heart of the city, but construction around the museum has made it difficult to find uncluttered opportunities to photograph it. I thought some night shots might enable me to isolate the building and obscure some of the clutter. Again, I feel these photos are better represented in B&W than in color. Constructive comments are always welcome.

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Texas skies
I like shooting everything, we do get some great sundown and sunrises here. My next post will be soon. This is the first time I have done this so bear with me.

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