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Had a treat yesterday
We were at the Nature reserve checking to see if anything was blooming, Nada
Found some dead ferns and was getting set to take a few shots when a shadow passed over me, looked up and saw a Hawk land in a tree, I told Sharon to go for the shot and began removing the D810/ Nikkor 200mm macro from the tripod took a few shots from about 60ft the moved closer getting within 30 or so feet, taking a braced shot every so often, my closest shot was crap (just too much shake). Distances are guesses, just had cataract surgery three weeks ago, having a few problems with estimating distances, next visit to the doc to get fitted for new glasses the get both eyes focusing to together .
This image was taken at about 40ft and highly cropped in CS6.
Not the best image, but the best so far.

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Symetry, Leading Lines, or Just Hangin Out with Friends?
Mostly though just trying out my new (to me) Nikon D800E. Was considering the D850, but it was too hard to pass up the crazy discounted pricing on used low shutter-click D800E's. The image files are pretty amazing straight out of camera, and remind me of the D3S - my all time favorite camera.

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Comments Welcomed!




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California elephant seals...
at the Piedras Blancas Rookery near San Simeon

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Sony Adapter
Hi all. I'm afraid I did a bu bu. I bought a LA-EA 3 Sony adapter to use with my A6000 camera. I've been informed that I should have bought the LA-EA2 or 4 instead, and that the EA3 will be useless for what I want to do.
My idea was to buy Sony A lenses (much chipper) for my camera, or the Tamron Di II A mount. I also considered some Canon glass.
My question ; Is the "expert" right? And if so, do you know of any place where I can trade the adapter? Any other solution will be welcome, of course.
Thank you in advance
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Red-winged Blackbird
D500 and Nikon 200-500 @ 500mm.

I like the unobstructed views leafless tree provide.

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Just Yard Birds
Recent captures.
Red-bellied Woodpecker

European Starling

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My special mallard
My special mallard

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Asked to leave the premises
Was at the Rodin Garden at the Cantor Museum @ Stanford attempting to photograph the Gates of Hell. I was using a Nikon D800 with a 14-24 mm lens on a Manfrotto tripod. I had checked out a Broncolor strobe from my photo department. I let another photographer go ahead of me as he was taking pictures of his model and I was still setting up. When I was ready and just about to start, two women representing SU stated that they "Could not allow this", and demanded that we leave. I was able to get a name and phone number of someone at the institution where I could request written approval to photograph. Has anyone else been kicked out of where they were attempting to take pictures? Have heard that if you use a tripod, you are assumed to be a professional, and are making money.
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African Lion.
I shot this Lion at the Arizona Wildlife Zoo near Phoenix through a chain-link fence (tricky).
Hand held @ 800mm. Distance was about 60-75 feet away for the Lion.

Canon 5Dsr - Canon 400 II DO f4 - Canon 2x III - 1/80 - f/8 - ISO @ 250.

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