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Put on a Happy Face
Had lunch at a restaurant on the pier in Fernandina Beach last summer. The gent at the next table was more than happy with the dessert that he had chosen, so much so that we ordered it too but with 2 forks.
The Happy Face

The Reason, Lemon Meringue Pie

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Soft focus portrait
This is the wife in a soft focus, grainy B&W film look. Just playing with PP on a quiet weekend afternoon. She hates it. Critique?

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Collage in PS: Two Problems
I tried making my first collage in PS and am experiencing two issues. The total size of all the images in the collage is 21 mb. When I tried to save it as tiff, PS spun and spun and finally told me it couldn't save because the filesize exceeded FOUR GIGABYTES! How do 21 mb on a canvas become so giant? I then saved as a png, which also took a long while and ended up being over 1 GIG. So finally I tried just exporting as a jpeg. This worked, however the edges of the image have been croped. I've never had PS export an image with a different crop than the onscreen computer view before. So two questions:

1. Is it possible to save a collage in a format that retains the layers so changes can be made later? If so, how to get the file size down?
2. Why is PS cropping my image? All I'm doing is selecting export as jpeg.

The first image below is a screenshot of the collage as created, the second is a screenshot of the clipped edge export by PS.

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Lonely in Pink
While having coffee on the front porch this a.m., I noticed this lonely little blossom. It could be seasonally challenged ( confused ?) - it's been 70º + here the last few days. Either that or it's a superstar, who figured he'd skip spring training & go right to the world series. I'm betting on the latter - one autograph seeker is trying to be 1st in line and game 1 doesn't start 'til Tuesday.

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Imminent Attack
A hush has fallen over the crowd gathered here in Ministry Operations. Altho the fleet has been put up for sale and MilkBone Dog Biscuit ransom was paid last night after the hamster fight in the parking lot behind Stop 'n' Shop (it was an historic contest--the first ever to last the full fifteen rounds), his captors have not lived up to their agreement to let Eisenheim the Magnificent go, and the Martian is furious.

Madame P, her Peruvian Piranha Dog, Chopper, and a very capable agent loaned to us from the Northern Division's Seal Team 9-Lives are on the way to attempt his rescue, but we've had no news from them in the last couple of days.

Our only link with the furry victim is Madame P's crystal iBall, and from what we can see, he's being tortured. It's inhumane--they're only letting him sleep twenty-two hours a day, and feeding him puppy chow. And no kitty treats either, the dirty dogs!

Of more concern is the latest glimpse we've had of him as the iBall's ether has cleared a bit and shown us a most disturbing sight--Eisenheim is about to launch his own bid for freedom! Clearly the conditions are more than he can endure--we've seen it before--that familiar wide-armed spread formation is a prelude to his full-out attack! Those razor-sharp claws and fangs are about to be deployed, and unless his captors are wearing protective heavy leather, thousands may be killed or maimed, unless Madame P and co. can get there first!

But where is she and her team?

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Not often you see water in these desert pots.

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Problems in new version of Apple Photos-FYI to save your time
Just talked with specialist at AppleCare. Explained that when I tried to create a slideshow from an album, the photos were put in random order, requiring the user to re-sort them in the tiny bar down below. Almost impossible and a huge waste of time. Specialist tried on his 2 computers with same result. He concluded it is a software problem with the new app. May be fixed in future, but who knows when.
Also discovered that if you try to make “quick” slideshow, you can only use one song, not multiple.

Any recommendations for third-party slideshow maker for Mac?
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Coyote Creek State Park, New Mexico
Some pics from yesterday of this little gem.

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on second glance
While driving, on a rural road, I spotted this fishing scene.
After stopping, I noticed that this couple were metallic
representations! Clever!

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Chinese Lantern Festival...
Daniel Stowe Botanical Gardens,
Belmont NC
more to come

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