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not so B?S

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Goose Pond
Some photos with new to me Tamron 150-600 (old model). Most are cropped, the first is full frame.

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Lightroom slideshow
Hi all: I have Lightroom 6. All works well except for the slideshow feature. In that mode, the slides show up as the original pic, and then a second later, as the modified pic. It is annoying. Does anyone have this experience or a solution?

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Help With ID
I can't seem to match this tern with anything in my books except Little Tern which is an Asian species. Help, please.

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Have You Taken The Best Foto You're Ever Going To Take In Your Lifetime Yet?!
Have you taken the best foto you're ever going to take in your lifetime yet?
If not, when do you think you will? Do you know when?
For example, I read all the time here that people have all these old cameras and like to go out and shoot with them.
I don't have a use for old cameras, only the best I can afford!
I haven't taken the best shot I'm going to take yet, and I'll be damned if it's gonna happen while I'm using some crappy old camera.
When I go out to shoot, I go out to take the BEST pics I can possibly get and treat each one like it's going to be my best ever!
So to that end, I always take out the best equipment I have!!
I certainly don't set out to take crappy pics with a Canon 20D or Nikon D70, just cause it is nostalgic for me and it still works!
So when you take the best pic you will get in your lifetime, what will you prefer to shoot it with??? Or have you already taken your best pic ever?!?! LoL
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ISO a Worthy UV or ND Filter
I just mastered one of my major obsessions with the purchase of a Nikon 72-200mm 2.8G ED VRII lens. Now I'm shopping for the right 77mm UV or ND filter, one that will pay proper respect to my new pride and joy. It's been a long time since I bought a filter and I'm a bit confused by all the "graduated, neutral, pro, variable, nano, UV haze, clear, blocking, multi-resistant" versions I see - especially with Hoya and B&W. I've shot with decent glass before but this lens is a big deal to me so I also want to protect that glass. I'll use this lens for landscape, portrait and night photography so I'm really looking for opinions or insights.
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It's a brave new world with Sony Mirrorless
If you shot Kodachrome ASA 12, you know where I come from. I'm pretty comfortable now with my Nikon 7200, assorted lenses, shooting RAW and PP with Lightroom. I need to carry my DSLR and big lens in my pack now so it's not swinging around my neck. Stability hiking problems at 74. So I've ordered a Sony a6000 to carry in my shirt pocket (I know, I'll enlarge the pocket). So I download the 478 page manual. There is no Index. Ok, I know there is a Find function in Acrobat. Somewhere in that 478 page manual there must be a camera, with shutter speed, aperture and ASA ( sorry, ISO). I guess I need to keep my brain active.
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Rainbow Beach
This rainbow was good enough to stick around for awhile while I walked along the the beach at Kaanapali, Maui.

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Checking The Eggs
I waited for over two hours for the shift change and finally left. Next time I'll come a little later.

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Marching in the Rain
Anti-Deportation March - Pittsburgh's South Side -

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