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Another Try
Stopped raining just long enough to get these two images. I think a tripod will be in order for most shots with this new lens.

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canon 70d
has anybody heard about canon70d motherboards burning out? If so is it only when the camera is used mainly for video? Canon is not recognizing any problems but there are some bad reviews out there. I would like to buy one but am a little wary. any input would be helpfull> thanks.
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Maggie on chair-Impresso Pro test
Tried out Impresso Pro App on my favorite subject, Maggie our Wire Haired Terrier. I like it. This was my first try and it worked pretty well. Wonder what "really" learning the software would produce!

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Train depot, built in 1891
Spingfield, Oregon. Building was moved a few blocks and restored as part of a local park.

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Pine Grosbeaks
Took these shots of a male and female pine grosbeak with a 400mm Canon lens on my 7DMKII

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Afternoon Surprise
Didn't last long.

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Skull Valley, Arizona Namesake
Part of a photo excursion and lens performance evaluation.
I see you

Completely visible

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What flash for a d3400
I've learned a lot about lenses and cameras in general by just sitting back and reading everyone's posts for the last couple months. Thanks for all that; I'm now more confused than ever! I bought a d3400 kit although I did finally pick up a sigma 18-300 which is light-years beyond the kit lenses Nikon gave me. I have a long way to go to upgrade both the camera body and lenses and I'll just let my passion or lack thereof direct where I end up. So my next request for information is this, I've got a beginner camera, a mid-level beginner cover it all lens and, no idea of what kind of flash I might consider. I found a nissin Di866 and it's the original for 90 bucks. The new MarkII is 350 ish. They fit my camera so, what is a decent mid-level flash I should be considering? Thanks guys,
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Altered Realities

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around the lake
just looking at past photos from the lake and dreaming of season to come.

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