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Goodbye "Dad"
My parents gained a reputation for salvaging birds fallen or thrown out [birds do not care to raise deformed or otherwise imperfect progeny] and some other baby animals. This happened quite a few years ago. A neighbor ran his riding mower over a squirrel nest and killed mom squirrel and all but two babes. He, of course, brought the two to my father. One was not saved but the other was eye-dropper fed, weaned to food and kept in a cage until it was felt to be big enough to release. The cage was put outside behind the house and a couple of days later, left with the door open. At first the animal hardly went more than a few yards out, but eventually took off and was gone. Several weeks later, when my father and I were working outside a squirrel came thru the grass and stopped about 20 feet from us. My father [intuition?] decided to sit down in the grass and then the squirrel came up to him and stayed for about two or three minutes before disappearing again [permanently]. Lucky for me, I had my camera ....


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Canon DPP 4 Question
I use Canon's DPP for most of my editing and was wondering if any one on here has tried the dpp 4 version and what is your assessment of it and will it work retro with cameras such as the 7d or 5dii. I know they said they have change the logarithm with RAW conversion.
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Where Does a Snapper Sun Itself?
Anywhere it wants to.

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Canon EF 16-35mm f/2.8L II USM Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens - $1300
Again, never used. Bought from B&H, put a UV filter on it and put it in my pack. Being new it has no scratches, dents or wear marks. It's pristine.
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Canon EF 100-400mm f/4.5-5.6L IS II USM Lens - $1700
Never used. Bought from B&H took it out of the box, put a UV filter on and put it in my pack.
I'll include the filter and carry bag. I"m switching to mirrorless. With original box.
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Camera bag for hiking
When I am hiking I carry a mirrorless camera, one extra telephoto lens, extension tubes, spare batteries, a few filters and a few other small items. I don't generally travel with a sherpa, and would prefer not to perish of hunger, thirst or exposure on my hike. Consequently, I need a camera bag that will not only accommodate my photography gear, but also two water bottles, a snack, a first aid kit, rain jacket, an extra layer of warmth, and a tripod or monopod. Most of the camera bags that I've seen have room only for camera gear. Any suggestions?
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Trying To Leave Something Behind
Elsewhere, in the Main Photography Discussion section, a topic titled "What are your plans for your images after you pass on?" was posted. After reading the post and each of the replies, I considered how, or even if, I might reply. Would I be serious? factual? facetious? snarky? outright unrealistic? I didn't know, but those considerations continued on through the night, and now, into today. I was undecided, on so many levels, until I began to process the 'take' of yesterday's travels.

Some might find what we shoot utterly fascinating, as photographs, as documents, as reminiscences, whatever; others may be completely uninterested. That's as may be, but for myself, in the end, whether there's success or there's failure, I find myself in concert with those upon whose shoulders we've all stood, and with those who've passed this way before. And I'm just Trying To Leave Something Behind.

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Wild flowers
Just common in back yard

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Temple monkeys, Kuala Lumpur
Eat a banana in 2 sec flat!

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Why did Canon quit putting viewfinder shutters on their cameras?
I just don't understand why viewfinder shutters aren't available on all dslr cameras.
My old Canon A1 had one and it seemed to work fine. Now I have to keep track of a rubber cap to do what used to be done with the flick of a lever.
Does anyone have any ideas why a camera company would stop adding this feature to their cameras?
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