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A Little Blue on Soft Emerald Green
Experimenting with a Nikon D810 and a Nikon 180mm ED 1:2.8 prime lens with 62mm of extension tubes, no flash. Sitting on the ground resting the camera on my knee.

That was the easy part. Getting myself up off the ground was the hard part. Thanks to all that view and please comment as you desire.

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DeNoise and B&W Conversion
When should a photo, that is going to be converted to b&w be denoised? I was in the process of this today and used Topaz DeNoise on the original color photo, and then started doing the conversion in NIK Silver. When the photo came up in NIK I noticed a lot of grain, more than was in the original color. I sent it in b&w form back to Topaz Denoise to run it again and the noise was so bad I couldn't get rid of it without ruining the image. To begin with, the noise was not that bad as it was shot at ISO200. So, is there a best time to run a denoise if you are going to convert to b&w? Another thing I notice in the conversion is that after converting to b&w and saving the image as a jpeg it looks fine. But then, when I try to send the photo to another site such as flickr it appears that it has been oversharpened by a great deal. Any ideas or advice? Thanks.
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Earth Day 2
It has been a good day. Hope everyone is well and the sun shone on your path. Number 4 ...I don`t think I have ever seen this species of bird with the green around the eyes. Number one the Blue worked on this fish for quite a while. He did manage to get it down. Thank you for taking the time to look.

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Gatorland, Orlando Florida.... Part 10 - Odds & Ends...
More from my day at Gatorland and only one more set to go...

Hope you enjoy this group and thanks for looking!!
stepping stone...

lovely eye liner...

best buds...

the shadow knows...

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The Christine Anderson returning to home port
The Christine Anderson coming in at Steilacoom, WA on a brisk and windy day. I was out playing with my Nikon 70-200E FL lens and I can see it will be glued to the camera a lot in the future.

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Epson V600, what resolution for slides.
I just purchased an Epson V600 to replace the Wolverine SNap 14 for scanning 35mm slides. What resolution do you folks recommend - 300dpi or higher? I didn't notice any difference between 300 and 600 on my monitor. I absolutely love the quality of the scans but it is slow. I have about 10,000 slides from the 70s through 2001 when I got my first digital. Thanks.
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Garden photos
Hi all, just wanted to share some photos from yesterday. Cacti blooms with insects, crown of thorns red flower, butterfly in grape leaves tree. Nikon D810, Tamron 90mm macro, handheld. Minor processing with DxO Optics Pro 11. Tripod would be more clear but harder to catch insects coming and going. Thanks!

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I Don't Think There's Anything More Cute Than A Baby Bison
Don't know how old this little one was but he was running around with some others his age.

Rocky Mountain Arsenal Wildlife Refuge, Colorado.

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I had my 600mm f/4 and a 1.4X TC set up in hopes of photographing a deer. I settled for a mangy groundhog.
Still waiting for deer to show up.

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Union Station, Denver Colorado
Here are two versions of the same photo, one color and one b/w. A recent thread questioned the purpose of b/w. That individual preferred color for all occasions. Personally I find a lot of value in b/w. I am interested in what others feel regarding these two photos. Comments welcome.

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