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If you have never been, go!

(Heading off to dinner. Will post more as I work through them).

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Crescent Moon
This is last nights crescent moon.

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Wildlife along the Tennessee River
Here are a few shots from below the Chickamauga Dam in Chattanooga. There are lots of herons there, as well as lots of people. There is a railroad bridge that crosses the river and herons sit on it.

Nikon D810 with Nikkor 200-500, hand held

Please see downloads for detail. Thanks for taking a look!
1. Heron portrait

2. Another heron

3. Landing on the rocks

4. Herons wait until the last second as train approaches

5. Finally, he flies out of the way

6. Wings spread

7. Double breasted cormorant

8. Osprey

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Weekend at Bernie's
Nature continues to amaze me. The first picture is of a chrysalis that was developing on our milkweed. I took this three days ago. I went out this morning, and it was gone. I was robbed of the joy. Thankfully, I have Angela's wonderful chronicle to console me. While missing this miracle made me a bit sad, I certainly feel better than the poor bee in photo #2, and sooner or later, the mantis eating said bee! Please enjoy the downloads.

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a Mom Doe and her fawn
We've had nothing but cold temps and rain for the last 2 days running. This is the first time for the deer to come
out while we have a break.

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Why are members posting so many photos in the Main Section?
I think the way this forum is set up people, especially new members, do not understand that photos just for the sake of showing a photo, should be shown in the Gallery section; I'm seeing more and more people post photos in the Main Photography Discussion section. I'd like to see this forum set up somehow differently on the front page, not with everything just in a line continuing down the page. I believe that many sections are missed because of the way the forum is set up and I've read posts where people say they did not know that there are other sections beyond what they initially see. The Main Photography Discussion is not for viewing photos, unless the photos pertain to some point that is being made. Photos, just for showing off or viewing, belong in the Gallery Section.
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Make Way --- Big Ship
Shot this photo back in July of 2010, can not think of a good caption for it,can you?

All comments are welcome.

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among last of the season before pods form ...

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A few from southern Vermont
Took a two day motorcycle tour of the southern part of our beautiful state this weekend... down in the Manchester, VT area. The fall colors are not all that great yet, so will need to get back there in a few weeks to catch them at their peak. I did get a few decent captures though. I hope you enjoy. Constructive feedback is always welcome.
Vermont Cheese

Vermont Country Strore

Eat Good Food


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Dx0 users...
Do you use the more expensive Elite version or is the Essential version meeting your needs? DO you use it for basic corrections other than noise instead of Lightroom?
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