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Help with a decision
Hi all,

I am getting married this summer and we will be doing an Alaskan cruise for the honeymoon. I expect there will be many photographic opportunities and want to be prepared but not (overly) weighed down. I shoot with a Canon 7DII and the following long lenses: A fish eye (I forget what brand), Tamron 16- 300, Sigma 120- 400, and the following Canon lenses: 10- 20, 17-55 f2.8, 15-85, 24-70 f2.8, 70- 200 f2.8, and 70- 300. I have some primes (30, 50, 85mm).

I was contemplating getting the Tamron 18-400 (and selling the 16-300) but wasn't able to get a definitive answer as to if the change was really worth it. Thoughts? Any and all feedback (besides taking them all- grin) is appreciated.
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Nikon 200-500mm
Hey Hoggers, anyone use the Nikon 200-500? Been looking for something with serious reach to complete my set up. Plan to use for sunsets. nature, animals. etc. Does anyone have experience with the 200-500? I have been researching and so far have read quite a few positive reviews. I generally take reviews with a grain of salt and rely on real world experiences to help me make up my mind. My initial thinking was a 300mm+ 1.4 tele but I am not too keen on teles. My budget in the $1500 range. Thanks for any input.
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My house and yard
Since the heat index is over 100 today I got lazy and just wandered about my yard, Fuji XE-1/18-55

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Honey, I picked up sushi for dinner & other pics from around town
Having fun taking shots around town while looking for Bullwinkle and her 2 calves rumored to be hanging out near my home. So far no luck. Keep you posted...
Osprey male bringing home dinner

Top of Ajax Mountain

Long exposure in Aspen at dusk

Looking up Little Nell

Hats off to you!

Hotel - 1800’s Ashcroft Ghost Town

Long exposure @night in Aspen

Grazing Elk

Magpie on the fence

Lone bike

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Mustang Power and Evil Diesel
From our Sunday morning impromptu car show.

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Trying to capture good Depth Of Field
I always have wanted to get that really great Depth of Field look in my photos. How is this accomplished? I have posted some images for viewing..

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Look what I did the other day!

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Photo settings
How do you see the photos setting from a photo viewed here on this site???
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Why use focus lock
Hopefully this hasn't been discussed before as I'm unable to find anything, so here goes...

Recently saw some discussion re: the "L" button (is that the same as the AE-L/AF-F button?) when referring to focus lock. I'm using a Nikon D5300 with a Sigma 17-70mm Contemperary lens.

Every now and then, I find my focus indicator is not centered where I usually have it, but off to a side, up/down or left/right of center. I have to use the button (forgot technical term) to bring it back to the center.

How do I lock/unlock it so it stays centered and then when would I use this locking feature?

I have 2 books and UG, but none go into why's as to when to use this feature.

I hope I made myself clear enough that you get what my question is. Need anymore info, let me know.

If there is a link to further discussion, please post it.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Over Cape Cod Bay

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